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Sixteen Reasons to Choose Action Learning Source

  1. We can provide a variety of different Action Learning and group coaching approaches -- we don't push "one model." The approaches should suit the client – not the other way around.
  3. We can customize Action Learning and group coaching for a wide variety of applications, as listed in “Applications” on our website.
  5. Our services are often less expensive than other providers because we can provide services virtually and because we train clients how to do much of the work themselves.
  7. We can integrate a wide range of other development methods with, and into, the Action Learning and group coaching processes – for example, personal and professional coaching, and design thinking.
  9. We have extensive experience in actually managing Action Learning and group coaching programs – we understand the planning, marketing, staffing, budgeting and evaluation that are needed for successful programs.
  11. We can integrate the right balance of in-person and virtual services to accomplish powerful modeling and engagement for learning, while accommodating the busy schedules and limited budgets of our clients.
  13. We understand the contexts in which our clients work. We have worked and led in for-profit, government and nonprofit organizations.
  15. We work in collaboration with clients to develop their own capacity to implement successful programs well into the future – this could include the capacity to self-facilitate their own Action Learning groups.
  17. Action Learning and group coaching generates tremendous learning for people and their organizations. We focus on collecting and dispersing that new learning throughout the organization.
  19. We focus on the sustainability of learning, long past the end of any Action Learning and group coaching program.
  21. We started facilitating in the early 1980s – we have extensive experience and expertise, and a large cadre of Action Learning and group coaching facilitators, many with skills in organizational change, leadership development, team building and certification in coaching.
  23. We have extensive experience in successfully planning, guiding and supporting organizational change – and have taught those skills to other consultants, as well.
  25. We build in evaluation during and after the program to ensure continuous improvement, and conduct evaluations after the program to assess how well the program achieved its desired results.
  27. We place strong value on the practicalities of Action Learning and group coaching. We know people want guidelines, tips and tools to apply right away, into their busy schedules.
  29. We can roll out one group or a hundred at a time -- and we have done that around the world.
  31. We have a vast range of time-tested, practical tools that we can adapt and apply for all aspects of Action Learning and group coaching programs.
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