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Engagement and Accountability of Employees

Employee engagement is critical to the success of any productive activity in the workplace. An engaged employee is fully committed to that activity and is excited to be involved in it. That level of full engagement does not come from assigning it to the employee. Rather, it must be cultivated from the employee.

The Action Learning process continually works from the employees by asking them thoughtful questions, including to hear their answers. This process of discovery continually helps employees to authentically report what they are excited about – and concerned about.Thus, leaders always know what to work from when cultivating the engagement of employees.

Another result of the Action Learning process is that it regularly requires participants to identify relevant and realistic actions to address priorities in the workplace. The participants are accountable to fellow groups members and to themselves to get something done – and to learn at the same time.So Action Learning is extremely useful to ensure that all forms of plans are implemented on time.

We customize Action Learning to produce engaged and accountable employees.

" Before we started using Action Learning Circles, managers used to do all the talking in their one-one meetings with staff. Now they are more likely to ask questions to engage their employees. "
— Pat Brinton, Senior Leadership Development Consultant, Blue Cross & Blue Shield

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