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Designing Action Learning and Group Coaching Programs


The conditions for success of Action Learning and group coaching occur before facilitators and group members sit down to conduct their group process. Success relies largely on the planning, design and development of the overall program. Those activities set the stage for the deep learning and progress that can occur throughout the group members' organizations, as well. Those activities require program expertise in addition to facilitation expertise.

This highly practical workshop is useful for those who want in-depth guidelines to very carefully customize and develop Action Learning and group coaching programs for a variety of outcomes and applications.

Participants from other schools or trainings of Action Learning and coaching are welcome to apply to participate for this workshop.



Participants are expected to do approximately one hour of pre-reading, and come to the workshop with at least one idea for the application of Action Learning or group coaching.

The workshop uses a multi-project Action Learning (peer coaching group) format to guide and support each participant to develop his or her Program Plan during the workshop. The workshop includes short lectures with substantial time for questions and answers. Experiences will include debriefs and time for reflection.

The workshop can be done face-to-face or virtually depending on the nature and needs of participants. The workshop can also be done in-house for an organization. Each workshop is designed for five to eight participants per instructor.

Workshop Formats: In-Person or Virtual

Typical Topics

Topics can be customized to the needs of participants. The following list of topics is typical:

The various plans and resources developed in this workshop are usually implemented by the manager (or sponsor) or facilitators of the program. The Managing Action Learning and Group Coaching Programs Workshop gives in-depth information about how to carefully and systematically manage a variety of Action Learning and group coaching programs, after they have been designed.


If you plan to develop Action Learning programs:

  1. The Many Faces of Action Learning -- An Introduction to Innovative Approaches

If you plan to develop group coaching programs:

  1. Facilitating Group Coaching


Each participant receives a certificate upon completing each workshop, assuming he or she fully attended and actively participated in the workshop.

NOTE: There is no independent "certification" organization in the field of Action Learning, for example, like the independent International Coach Federation is for the profession of personal and professional coaching. "Independent" means that the certification organization does not concurrently promote and provide certification on its own particular model of Action Learning, while suggesting that it concurrently is the certification organization of other and different models.


Chuck Appleby, PhD, of Appleby & Associates, is a master Action Learning coach and group coaching facilitator with extensive experience in Action Learning and group coaching planning, development and instruction. Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, of Authenticity Consulting, LLC, is also a master coach and facilitator, and is an internationally known thought leader in customizing programs and processes. Chuck and Carter are organizational and leadership development consultants with over 30 years of management, consulting and coaching experience in government, industry and non-profits.


Scheduling and Registration

" Carter is the consummate professional in every sense - teaching about action learning in practical and engaging ways, demonstrating flexibility and willingness to customize in order to promote client satisfaction and ease of use, and offering their peers ongoing support and partnership."
—Karen Lanson, M.A., Ed.S, L.P., CEAP Consultant * Coach * Licensed Psychologist

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