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Spread Coaching Skills

Coaching is an extremely important skill for all levels of employees in the workplace. The Action Learning process is an excellent means for employees to quickly learn and practice core coaching skills – and to quickly spread those skills across the organization.

Instead of many one-on-one coaching sessions, one facilitator can train and coach 4-8 group members in the same meeting. The members of the groups do most of the work, thereby enhancing self-reliance and eliminating the need for high-priced consultants.

Another benefit of this type of group coaching is that it is often easier to transfer the coaching skills to the workplace. Work in organizations is usually done in teams. Group coaching very closely resembles the nature of teams in organizations, thereby making it easier for members of Action Learning to carry over their coaching skills and learning to their lives and work.

The principal consultants of Action Learning Source and our associates (most of whom are certified coaches) have extensive expertise in coaching across many different coaching models and can integrate those into the Action Learning process.

We customize Action Learning to quickly develop and spread the critical skills of coaching.

"The Peer Coaching experience … has huge value for the participants and our company; in the first year the program’s evaluation score was 98%."
— Karan Rhodes, Global Program Manager, Leadership Development, Microsoft Corporation

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