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Facilitating and Developing Peer, Group, Team and Organizational Coaching Programs (Virtual or In-Person)

Successful Coaching Program Development Since 1995

"They gave us everything we needed to build a successful peer coaching program,
including printed materials, training and targeted mentoring."
— Julia Fabris McBride, Certified Coach PCC,
Director of Faculty and Coach Development, Kansas Leadership Center

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Group, Team and Peer Coaching Programs Are Increasing Trends

Action Learning Facilitation WorkshopPeer, group and team coaching programs are used much more often now -- and for many reasons, including increased impact and cost-effectiveness. They quickly leverage the untapped wisdom, support and networking among clients, employees and peers.

However, one design or format does not fit all applications. This virtual, interactive workshop equips you to design, develop, market, facilitate and evaluate high-quality group, team and peer coaching programs for up to 10 different applications.

Since 1995, we have trained 1000s of practitioners who have successfully developed, coached and facilitated in programs around the world, including in North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, China, Japan and India. We have also helped 100s of companies around the world to successfully develop internal coaching programs to augment other development programs in the workplace.

NOTE: We do not confine you to a particular and proprietary model of coaching. Our training is adaptable to any model.

Diverse Audiences for this Workshop

This virtual workshop is ideal for highly motivated:

"Facilitating Group Coaching was a wonderful experience! The program offers many benefits,
including practical and immediately applicable techniques for group coaching in a variety of settings.
The cohort experience was extremely rich; the opportunity to engage in dialogue and facilitation practice with individuals from diverse backgrounds was most valuable!"
— Lillian LeBlanc, Certified Coach PCC

Many Benefits to Your Clients, Employees and Peers

Whether you are a leader in an organization, a learning and development professional or a coach wanting to expand your toolbox, the people that you serve will benefit from your participation in this workshop, as they:

  1. Quickly spread core coaching skills, because more people can get coached in a group; thereby, more quickly cultivating a coaching culture
  2. Spread more low-cost, core coaching skills, because participants can use core coaching skills to coach each other, rather than paying for one-on-one coaching sessions
  3. Transfer results of coaching into the workplace, because the nature of group coaching is similar to the nature of teams in the workplace
  4. Accomplish more prompt actions and results in the workplace, as group members and peers share support and accountabilities to take those actions
  5. Decrease the silos and isolation that are so common in today's organizations
  6. Cultivate learning organizations, where employees are regularly engaged in deep reflection, learning, problem solving and sharing

"The peer coaching experience … has huge value for the participants and our company;
in the first year, the program’s evaluation score was 98%."
— Karan Rhodes, Global Program Manager,
Leadership Development, Microsoft Corporation

Many Benefits to You From This Virtual Workshop

  1. Plan, develop, market, implement and evaluate a high-quality coaching program
  2. Be equipped to fully develop a program for up to any of 10 different applications of coaching programs
  3. Enhance your facilitation and coaching skills, as you experience coaching sessions among diverse employees, peers and group members
  4. Enhance your credibility among clients, employees and colleagues, as you acquire a variety of approaches to facilitating and coaching
  5. Boost the impact of your skills and services, as you share your coaching and facilitation expertise and results with more employees and clients
  6. Integrate one-on-one coaching with group and peer coaching programs
  7. Expand your toolbox of services as a professional coach; thereby, expanding your markets of potential clients
  8. Increase your revenue as a professional coach by adding services and clients to your coaching business
  9. Gain access to a vast range of guidelines, templates and tools as needed for planning, developing, facilitating, marketing and evaluating coaching programs
  10. Have the option of joining a coaching group among other learners from this workshop

Powerful Methods for Your Learning

The workshop includes three to five participants in one cohort group to allow extensive time for individual attention, practice and feedback in the workshop. All modules are facilitated by an instructor with extensive experience in virtually training coaching, facilitating and program development. The virtual workshop includes five modules with each module including:

  1. One to two hours of self-paced pre-reading and /or videos to gain highly practical guidelines, templates and tools
  2. Three hours of interactive learning with a short break included
  3. Focused, practical training from faculty with plenty of time for Q&A
  4. A practice session with real-time feedback from faculty and fellow learners

You also get three months of follow-on support via email and phone, providing on-demand answers to your questions as well as materials as you need them. Throughout the workshop, we acquaint you with a broad range of practical guidelines and tools from our extensive list of tools, and then help you to apply them when you need them -- just-in-time learning.

You are in a learning relationship during the entire workshop, not just during the workshop's sessions. You exchange ongoing questions, answers, feedback and resources with faculty and fellow cohort members during the entire workshop, including between modules and during the follow-on support.

"I loved the workshop. It was both beneficial and practical and gave me both the tools and the confidence
to do peer coaching ... They took care to ensure everyone felt supported and encouraged.
They were also generous about checking in between sessions with additional materials or advice.
It was a very worthwhile experience!"
— Diane Kresh, Certified Leadership Coach ACC

Typical Topics (These Can Be Customized to Your Needs)

Interactive Module One -- Foundations of Group Coaching

Interactive Module Two -- Facilitating Your Coaching Groups

Interactive Module Three -- General Guidelines for Designing and Developing Coaching Programs

Interactive Module Four -- Designing Your Coaching Program

Interactive Module Five -- Follow-On Faculty and Peer Support

"Carter provided me with mentoring, tools and customization assistance
so I could facilitate and deliver quality programs."
— Pam Solberg-Tapper, MHSA, Certified Coach PCC, Coach for Success

Experienced Virtual Workshop Instructors

Our instructors have trained group coaching facilitators in all types of organizations. Our instructors have decades of experience, not only in coaching and facilitating, but in leadership development and in organizational development and change -- we understand the broader context within which peer, group and team coaching can occur.

Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, of Authenticity Consulting, LLC, is recognized as one of the thought leaders in customizing coaching programs for a wide variety of outcomes and applications.

Chuck Appleby, PhD, of Appleby & Associates, is a master Action Learning coach and group coaching facilitator with extensive experience in planning and developing group programs.

We have numerous trained facilitators and certified coaches who also are available for instruction and support. See our Associates.

Certificate of Completion and CCEs

Certificate in Group Coaching Facilitation

Each participant receives a Certificate of Completion from Action Learning Source upon successfully completing the workshop. ICF CCE Accreditation

ICF Approved Continuing Coach Education Credits Since 2014 (14.3 CCEs)

George Mason University Approved Continuing Education Units (CEUs) 1.2 CEU at GMU

"Great training for coaches and also great practice for coaches and non-coaches alike!"
— Charles Jones, B.S.F.S, M.A., Certified Coach PCC, WIAL Certified Action Learning Coach

Workshop Scheduling, Fee and Registration

Virtual Workshops

Day of Week
Time of Day
Session Dates
To Enroll
9am - noon CDT
Start date is coordinated to match cohort members' schedules

1. We are currently scheduling a new cohort, and will set its scheduling so that all of its members can attend.
2. In any cohort, you can make up a session if you need to miss one because of your scheduling.

The total fee is $850 USD for the virtual workshop, including materials and three months of follow-on support. Payment is made during the registration process, via major credit card. Please see our policies about cancellations and refunds. We accept major credit cards, debit cards or bank account via PayPal.

Face-to-Face Workshops

We can arrange a face-to-face version of this workshop, and customize it to your nature and needs.

Contact Us

For inquiries, please contact us.

So Why Learn from Us?

“It was a pleasure working with you throughout this program. I found the content extremely valuable —
hats off to you, Carter. I really appreciated your willingness to adapt in order to meet the needs of this specific group. I also received great value from the wisdom and experience of the entire cohort.
Wow, I was impressed!”
— Diane Hamilton, PCC, SHRM-SCP

"I got everything I wanted and more from Action Learning Source's 'Facilitating Group Coaching'.
The course is taught by experienced and knowledgeable experts who provide you with the tools you need to effectively design, facilitate, train, participate in, and lead group coaching programs. Learning is highly experiential and is supported by detailed reference materials which are invaluable. I highly recommend this course to coaches who want to expand their coaching practices as well as Organization Development consultants who want to influence culture change in organizations."
— Lois Pfeiffer, Certified Coach ICF, Coaches Training Institute,
International Coach Federation and Strozzi Institute

"... generously shared his insights, expertise, and materials to help me design a virtual peer coaching program that was later funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation."
— Pam Toal, Certified Coach, Baraka Institute

"It was a great course! Thank you Carter and Teri and Chuck. I am amazed at the skill, talent,
support and compassion that we experienced from each other."
— Barbara Pellegrino, DSWA Accredited Coach, Certified Life Coach iPEC, PCC and ICF Mentor Coach

“When we are peer coaching, we send two strong signals that enable us to trust others and open up with them. One is candour and the other is caring. Together these two signals - when in combination - communicate the highest level of trust known to man. We feel comfortable, safe, and trusting of the person and their intentions - a powerful combination for enhancing our relationships at work and at home.”
— Judith E. Glaser, CreatingWE Institute

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