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Action Learning Should Be Customized

Action Learning is proven to be a powerful and practical process for addressing complex problems and opportunities – and learning at the same time. One of the reasons is its adaptability to a wide range of people for a wide range of purposes.

For example, all members can work on the same priority or each member can work on her own. Groups can be externally facilitated or self-facilitated. Some groups might exclusively require questions, while others permit advice. Some groups might have members from different companies and some groups have members from the same. Some groups might focus especially on reflection, while others focus equally on actions and learning. Whatever the variation, the process should always meet the needs of the people in the Action Learning process – not the other way around.

As the Action Learning process has grown in popularity, so has the number of developers who prefer certain variations on the process. As a result, a number of very well developed “models” has been produced, some of which always insist on certain unique components, principles and ground rules. We acknowledge and honor all of those various models.

So what is our "model" of Action Learning? We believe that Action Learning practitioners and members can benefit from knowing a variety of approaches to Action Learning, and especially from customizing the approaches, accordingly. Thus, we convey a variety of perspectives in our services and trainings, and might integrate a variety of approaches in the designs of our Action Learning programs, as well.

" Carter [ of Authenticity Consulting] is a consummate professional in every sense - teaching about action learning in practical and engaging ways, demonstrating flexibility and willingness to customize in order to promote client satisfaction and ease of use, and offering their peers ongoing support and partnership. "
— Karen Lanson, M.A., Ed. S, L. P., CEAP, Consultant * Coach * Licensed Psychologist

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