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Mentoring Action Learning Facilitators

Similar to Action Learning program managers, facilitators have a unique – and sometimes – solitary role in Action Learning programs. They are to understand and satisfy the needs of the program's clients and sponsor, and yet train and support the development of the members of each group. Meanwhile, the quality of the Action Learning process rests largely with the quality of the facilitation.

It is very useful for the facilitators to have mentors to help guide and support them. We can help. We have extensive experience in facilitating different approaches to facilitation for a wide variety of outcomes and applications. We have practical tools and resources for every aspect of facilitating Action Learning groups.

Our approach to mentoring facilitators is to share stories, advice and resources. Most important, we share coaching to help facilitators carefully reflect on their needs, what they can do to meet them, and how they can learn at the same time.

Use our extensive expertise to guide and support your Action Learning facilitation. We will consider mentoring facilitators from Action Learning programs that we did not design.


"Chuck [of Appleby & Associates] —you were a godsend to my program and to me personally. I cannot begin to express my thanks to you for your leadership and guidance. Yes, I am proud of what we have done in less than one year and I look forward to the seeds we've planted taking root and make positive change for my Directorate."
—Program Manager, Leadership Development, Federal Government Agency

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