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Action Learning Facilitation (in-person or virtual)

Description of the Workshop 1.4 CEU

Action Learning Facilitation WorkshopThe Action Learning process is in demand around the world as a powerful and practical process to successfully address complex problems and opportunities. The leverage points for successful Action Learning are the quality of program design and facilitation.

This interactive workshop is useful for those wanting to learn how to successfully facilitate Action Learning for a variety of applications and outcomes. The workshop will develop valuable skills for those in learning and development, human resources, organization development, and leadership and management.

This workshop can be customized according to the nature and needs of participants, including to those who have learned one specific model of Action Learning and/or coaching, and who want to learn more models for more applications and outcomes. The workshop also can be provided in-person or virtually.

Outcomes for Workshop Participants

Typical Topics in the Workshop

Topics can be customized as needed for participants. For example, the workshop can be tailored primarily for single-project Action Learning where all group members are focused on addressing a common priority. The workshop also can be tailored primarily for multi-project Action Learning where each member of the group works on his or her priority. The workshop typically is tailored to address both types of Action Learning programs.

The Designing Action Learning Programs Workshop goes into more detail about planning and developing an overall Action Learning program, even before facilitation begins. See that workshop listed under Trainings near the top of this webpage.

Foundations of Facilitation

Supporting Action Learning Program Development

Facilitating Action Learning Meetings

Diverse Methods of Development in the Workshop

The workshop includes five to six participants in one cohort group to allow time for individual attention, practice and feedback in the workshop. Methods include:

  1. An approximate one to two hours of self-paced pre-reading and /or videos to gain highly practical guidelines, templates and tools before the workshop.
  2. Focused and practical presentations by faculty, with plenty of time for Q&A.
  3. Extensive facilitation practice sessions, with plenty of time for Q&A and feedback from faculty and fellow learners.
  4. Participants complete a Learning Journal with reflections, learning and possible applications for Action Learning.
  5. Workshop is facilitated by instructor(s) with extensive experience in in-person and virtual training of Action Learning facilitation to a diverse set of learners.
  6. Each learner gets access to practical tools as they need them from our vast toolbox of tools.

Workshop Formats: In-Person or Virtual

CEUs and Certificate

NOTE: There is no independent "certification" organization in the field of Action Learning, for example, like the independent International Coach Federation is for the profession of personal and professional coaching. "Independent" means that the certification organization does not concurrently promote and provide certification on its own particular model of Action Learning, while suggesting that it concurrently is the certification organization of other and different models.


  1. The Many Faces of Action Learning -- An Introduction to Innovative Approaches

The prerequisite might be negotiated, based on the current capabilities of the learner.

Workshop Instructors

Formats and Fees

Scheduling and Registration

" Thank you Chuck for an outstanding presentation. This is the first time that I have seen our members stay engaged at their tables for any length of time after the monthly program ended; a testimony to the model action learning and your use of it in a limited period of time."
—Director of Training, Northern Virginia Non-Profit

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