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Mentoring Action Learning Program Managers

Similar to facilitators, the manager (often referred to as the sponsor) of an Action Learning program has a unique—and sometimes solitary—role in the program. That role is to carefully identify the needs of the program and how the program should best be designed to meet those needs, while building and implementing the program in a manner that is always high-quality and highly reliable.

We have managed programs as small as one Action Learning group, and as large as 150 groups spread around the world. We know the many challenges that managers face in their programs. Even after programs have been designed and developed, there is still the ongoing evaluating, reporting, continuous improvement and troubleshooting that must be done. In addition, there is the ongoing coordination with the program’s clients and facilitators – people with different needs and expectations in the program.

We can be extremely helpful to Action Learning program managers. Our approach to mentoring program managers is similar to how we mentor Action Learning facilitators. We share stories, advice and resources. Most important, we share coaching to help program managers carefully reflect on their needs, what they can do to meet them, and how they can learn at the same time.

Use our extensive expertise to support the management of your Action Learning program. We will consider mentoring program managers of Action Learning programs that we did not design.

" Carter provided me with mentoring, tools and customization assistance so I could facilitate and deliver quality programs."
— Pam Solberg-Tapper, MHSA, PCC, Coach for Success

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