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Designing and Customizing Action Learning Programs

The conditions for the success of your Action Learning program are built even before your facilitators and group members meet for the first time. If your program is not developed well, it will be significantly hindered, regardless of how well your facilitators and members conduct the Action Learning process.

There are numerous requirements that must be met when designing a program. For example, the program design must:

We have successfully designed and customized Action Learning programs for a wide variety of applications and outcomes around the world, have integrated a variety of technologies and other approaches, and have taught others how to carefully design and customize their own Action Learning programs.

Perhaps most important, we have always made sure that the programs have met the real needs of the clients and sponsors, have suited the nature and needs of the Action Learning members, and have collected and dispersed learnings throughout their organizations.

Use our extensive expertise to ensure the success of your programs.

" Authenticity Consulting gave us everything we needed to customize a successful Action Learning program, including printed materials, training and targeted mentoring. That program was so successful that I contracted with them again to help customize a program for the Kansas Leadership Center."
— Julia Fabris McBride, ICF Coach Certified, Director of Faculty and Coach Development

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