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Facilitating Action Learning Groups

Facilitating Action Learning GroupsThe leverage point for success in the Action Learning process is the quality of its facilitation. An Action Learning group needs a facilitator who focuses not only on the meeting process (the agenda, timing and documentation), but also on maximizing the quality of the Action Learning process and on the learning for the members of the group.

We have successfully facilitated Action Learning group meetings around the world, with many different cultures, and for a wide variety of outcomes and applications. We have used both common and advanced methods of facilitation to help group members carefully select the most important priorities to work on, and then to describe them, frame them, and select the most relevant and realistic strategies to address them.

Action Learning is about getting things done – and learning at the same time. Our facilitation helps group members to recognize key moments for learning, to capture that learning, and to spread it across their organizations.

We have taught hundreds of facilitators how to facilitate a variety of approaches to Action Learning. We have experienced all of the challenges and pitfalls that can occur, and we have learned how to successfully address them.

Use our expertise to ensure the successful facilitation of your Action Learning groups.

" Chuck [of Appleby & Associates], I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the way you facilitated. You were enthusiastic, interesting, respectful, present, flexible, open and eminently practical. I am a professional facilitator too, and I think I recognize an excellent job when I see one. Well done! And I can see it all comes from the person that you are. Thank you for an engaging and energizing experience."
— Participant in ASTD Action Learning Course

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