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Team Development and Performance

Team Development and Performance Team building is increasing the capacity of group members to accomplish their goal. Successful team building includes a variety of requirements. It includes helping team members to clarify their overall purpose, identify their roles and responsibilities, establish means of communications, and to establish procedures for making decisions and solving problems. Action Learning meets those requirements, as members are accountable to be engaged in understanding and implementing those new structures and practices.

As today’s organizations are changing in nature, scope and size, they are transforming how they do their teams. For example, they are using self-organized, self-directed and self-managed teams. This transformation requires the complete participation, responsibility, actions and learning of all team members. The Action Learning process helps members to meet those requirements.

Helping team members to solve their problems and meet their challenges is a wonderful means to cultivate caring and respect among the members. Very often in the first Action Learning meeting, members already notice the compassion and attunement shared among members. That level of teamwork often carries over into their daily work as members of that team, as well.

We customize Action Learning to produce well developed and high-performing teams.

" I have found that there is something almost magical that happens when things are just right...after the trust develops, the bonding occurs and people allow themselves to enter the group 'fully.' It's amazing and powerful! "
— Annie Bullert, Action Learning Facilitator, American Society for Training and Development

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