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Overview of Trainings (Virtual or In-Person)

Workshops Offered by Action Learning Source

Action Learning Source provides highly interactive workshops on each of the most important activities in highly customizing Action Learning and group coaching and for a variety of different outcomes and applications. Our workshops teach a variety of different designs and formats of Action Learning -- Action Learning should not be an overly restrictive process used the same way in every application with every client.

Workshops are useful to anyone involved in learning and development, human resources, leadership and management, and planning and development. Workshops can be customized according to the nature and needs of participants, including to any pre-existing Action Learning, coaching or facilitation expertise. Workshops include:

Where Do I Start?

The "Many Faces of Action Learning" and the "Action Learning Facilitation" workshops are especially for you if:

The "Facilitating and Designing Group Coaching Programs" workshop is especially for you if:

Outcomes, Topics and Methods

Each workshop is carefully designed to produce the necessary outcomes for participants to perform the focus of the particular workshop in a high-quality manner -- whether that is facilitating a highly customized Action Learning process or establishing a high-quality program. Topics are selected to accomplish the outcomes for each learner, and can be customized according to the nature and needs of participants.

Workshop methods include a variety of strategies for learning, including pre-readings, videos, short lectures, much time for Q&A, experience and participation in Action Learning groups, reflection exercises, peer discussions and coaching, instructor and peer feedback, practice in and out of the workshops, Individual Development Plans with goals to further develop learning, and Learning Journals to document new knowledge, skills and abilities.

Each course is led by a master Action Learning coach and facilitator with decades of experience in teaching and facilitating Action Learning. Workshops can be taught virtually or in-person, depending on the nature and needs of participants.


Each participant receives a certificate from Action Learning Source upon completing each workshop, including:

NOTE: There is no independent "certification" organization in the field of Action Learning, for example, like the independent International Coach Federation is for the profession of personal and professional coaching. "Independent" means that the certification organization does not concurrently promote and provide certification on its own particular model of Action Learning, while suggesting that it concurrently is the certification organization of other and different models.

Continuing Education Units

Various workshops from Action Learning Source are approved by George Mason University's Office of Continuing Professional Education (OCPE) for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Some workshops also are approved by the International Coach Federation for Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs). See Continuing Education Units.

Summary of Courses, Lengths, Methods, Prerequisites and Certificates

See the Specifications of Each Workshop of Action Learning Source.

For more detail about each workshop, see descriptions under "Trainings."

For Scheduling, Fee and Registration

Contact Action Learning Source at

" Chuck [of Appleby & Associates], I have to say...and I do this with all are the best facilitator I have had the opportunity to work with."
— Participant in ASTD Action Learning Course

" Carter [of Authenticity Consulting] enhances all training events by his responsiveness to the audience and facilitating what is needed for their success."
— Kristin Johnstad, Coach New Ventures West, Johnstad and Associates LLC

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