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Managing Action Learning and Group Coaching Programs

Description of the Workshop

The conditions for success of Action Learning and group coaching depend largely on the design and implementation of the overall program. The program can be very well designed, but fail because it was poorly managed. There are numerous management or administrative duties that must be done effectively.

This highly practical workshop is useful for those who want to successful manage an extensive, high-quality Action Learning or group coaching program.

Participants from other schools or trainings of Action Learning and group coaching are welcome to apply to participate in this workshop.

(Program managers might also be referred to by other titles, for example, Program Administrator or Program Coordinator.)

Outcomes for Workshop Participants

Methods of Development in the Workshop

Participants are expected to complete approximately one hour of pre-reading, and come to the workshop with an understanding of at least one Action Learning program.

The workshop uses a multi-project Action Learning (peer coaching group) format to guide and support each participant to develop an Action Learning Program Management Plan during the workshop. The workshop includes short lectures with substantial time for questions and answers. Experiences will include debriefs and time for reflection.

The workshop can be done face-to-face or virtually depending on the nature and needs of participants. The workshop can also be done in-house for an organization. Each workshop is designed for five to eight participants per instructor.

Workshop Formats: In-Person or Virtual

Typical Topics in the Workshop

This workshop is about managing the implementation of the plans that were developed during the Designing Action Learning and Group Coaching Programs Workshop.

Topics can be modified to suit the needs of participants. However, the following topics are very likely to be useful for most participants in this workshop.


Each participant receives a certificate upon completing each workshop, assuming he or she fully attended and actively participated in the workshop.

NOTE: There is no independent, certifying organization in the field of Action Learning, for example, like the independent International Coach Federation is for the profession of personal and professional coaching. "Independent" means that the certifying organization does not concurrently promote and certify its own particular model of Action Learning, while suggesting that it concurrently certifies other and different models.


  1. Designing Action Learning and Group Coaching Programs is highly recommended


Chuck Appleby, PhD, of Appleby & Associates, is a master Action Learning coach and group coaching facilitator with extensive experience in Action Learning and group coaching planning, development and instruction. Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, of Authenticity Consulting, LLC, is also a master coach and facilitator, and is an internationally known thought leader in customizing programs and processes. Chuck and Carter are organizational and leadership development consultants with over 30 years of management, consulting and coaching experience in government, industry and non-profits.


Scheduling and Registration

"I have worked with Authenticity Consulting and their action learning tools for close to 10 years. The tools and materials are elegant in their simplicity. Best peer-learning resources that I have discovered and clients are thrilled with the outcomes. Authenticity Consulting is direct in naming when proposed short-cuts will effect desired results, and generous to mentor and learn along side the systems as they develop."
—Kristin Johnstad, Strengthening the Capacity of Leaders, Johnstad and Associates LLC

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