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Evaluating Action Learning Programs

Careful and systematic evaluation can accurately measure the extent to which a program has achieved its desired results (this is a results evaluation). Additionally, program evaluation can identify where the program can be strengthened, even during its operations (a process evaluation).

The approach to evaluation should be developed when clients and sponsors know what the program is to achieve – when they know what program " success" will be. They can then develop measurements for the program's progress towards that success. Shortly thereafter, they can design the best approach to Action Learning and the best approach to evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of that approach as it is underway.

Evaluations should be designed to be targeted, practical and precise. However, participants in Action Learning programs are already extremely busy. Extensive questionnaires, surveys and case studies can be overwhelming. We know how to design and implement useful and practical evaluations -- and will quickly guide you, step by step, through the process.

We have evaluated programs as small as one Action Learning group and as large as hundreds of groups. We know how to evaluate the quality of the program, facilitation and meetings. We know how to measure progress toward desired results for clients, programs and group members. Our evaluations produce useful recommendations that can be implemented within the resources of the clients’ organizations and the Action Learning program.

Use our expertise in evaluation to ensure the success of your Action Learning program. We will consider evaluating Action Learning programs that we did not design.

" People went out their way to fill in their comments and rate the program at the top. "
— Melissa Debowski, Director, BP Leadership Development and Learning

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