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Organizational Change Management

To successfully address significant problems and opportunities -- and address them for the long-term -- organizations must undergo successful organizational change. That is a signature application of Action Learning. Successful change requires strong and agile leadership, problem solving and innovation, effective and ongoing coaching, continuous learning, engaged and accountable employees, and strong team performance -- all of these are key outcomes of Action Learning.

When change fails, it is often because leaders attempted to implement a specific process or procedure to solve a complex problem, as if the organization would remain constant long enough for that procedure to be completed. However, organizations are complex and robust systems -- today more than ever. Leaders must recognize this, learn from it and be agile enough to adapt. Action Learning develops those kinds of leaders.

Research continues to show that long-lasting and successful change in organizations requires the ongoing commitment and participation of the people in those organizations. The process for change must come from the people, as much as at them. Action Learning is particularly powerful at drawing out the real opinions, needs and wants from people during change. When people feel that well understood and respected, they are that much more willing to take part in the change.

We customize Action Learning for successful and long-lasting change in organizations.

" Chuck's energy and enthusiasm for building great places to work are inspiring. Have been in them, he really gets that the focus has to be people, not the bottom line. I've watched him do an AMAZING job of continuing to inspire change over four years at DOE's Environmental Management Group. "
—Linda Marshall, Principal, The Smart Work Company, LLC

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